17th February 2021

Fundamentally I believe unequivocal in the concept of fatalism. That the direction of our lives, of events, is preordained by such a powerful entity that any wiggle room left for our own manipulations is so infinitesimal as to make no effective difference. Admittedly this is a very gloomy outlook, an admittance if you will of humanities position, mine and yours inclusively, as rudderless ships at the whim and fancy of an ocean controlled by completely independent, and seemingly arbitrary circumstance.

Whilst perceived as a depressing philosophy by some, particularly those who are inclined to invest our species with an almost endless degree of self-determination, many cultures accept preordination, karma, destiny, to explain the provenance for each and every circumstance from birth to death, inclusive of suitable action, acceptable reaction, immediate and eventual consequence. The acceptance of this interminable emasculation is more releasing than confining, removing any strictures imposed by felonious moral and ethical concerns.

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