15th February 2021

Human nature being as is the day after Valentine’s is probably more informative than the actual celebration. Trothing undying love and devotion is a precarious thing, particularly in a world where the cooking of something as mundane as oatmeal requires a constant evolving chain of mouthwatering additives to titillate the naturally occurring goodness.

I can only assume that the now common sight of Valentines cards being retailed in multiple packs must indicate a somewhat dilution in their original message. ‘Will you be my Valentine’ becomes superimposed quite blatantly with, ‘Will you(P) be my Valentine’. A question of far differing emotional and ethical perspective.

Au a reasonably successful but unusually upfront multiple philanderer, I can quite with some degree of certainty vouch for the inherent duplicity in amorous trysts. That humanity adopted monogamy as a societal convenience is undoubted, that it is a natural occurring phenomenon highly questionable.

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