14th February 2021

 Saint Valentine’s day, memorable both famously and infamously for an ever-increasing multitude of highly private and absurdly public reasons. The personal I tend to keep tight to my chest, invigorating, embarrassing or gut-wrenching stories of love won, lost, wasted, missed, found, ignored, promised, forsaken and any other of a million poignant adverbs are not considerations I have ever, or will ever, be inclined to share. Public snafus are of course an entirely different kettle of fish, whom am I to ignore the seeming genetic predilection to wash each and every other unfortunates laundry with great diligence, at the drop of the preverbal hat.

Love, attraction, insoluble desire, are matters most highly treasured amongst the litany of subjects beloved by humanity for rumor, gossip, fabrication, increasingly persistent and voluminous repetition. Whilst evolution might have blunted our canines, the sharpness of our tongues remains unabated. This betrayal of our fellow beasts, for perfidy it most certainly is, seems hardwired into the core of our being, no matter gender, age, intelligence, or sensibility. The temptation to repeat, expand, publish the circumstances is as deliciously seductive as our deepest and most carnal desire.

Mine own long-term precaution of never laying my hand openly upon the table does not preclude me from having intense interest in the hold cards of others equally comfortably, or tenuously, ensconced. Such fascination is not indicative of any superior motivation on my part, my soul bears the same unholy inquisitiveness in matters of the heart as each and every other fruit of my species unending propensity for frenetically active and successful procreation.

That we contrive to celebrate the day with quite such flamboyant folderols, flowers, chocolates, expensive lingerie, cringingly bad poetry, and prose, is perhaps but a rather cunning centuries long ploy contrived to disguise what should by rights be a rather dirty and surreptitiously concealed hankering into fairly harmless, but still wholly deceiving, splendid refinement.

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