11th February 2021

Persuasion is oft the subject of deep philosophical discussions both in fictional or romantic literature and in the more mundane happenstances of everyday reality.  What anomalies, circumstances, combinations of fear and rumor, might oblige a seemingly rational individual to believe, indulge, adopt, promulgate, considerations so equally remote from truth and patently illogical as to border upon the phantasmagorical inventions or ravings of the mental deranged?

Whilst it is not unreasonable to surmise that levels of education and naivete will and do vary considerably through the annals of passing time, I would suggest that the percentile of common sense has probably remained consistently at a level if not from the great awakening of the renaissance at least since the industrial revolution,  when all thing humanly imaginable became if not presently  practical then at minimum  possible, and in the unhindered passage of time and intellect  highly probable.

That time continues unabated is a physical necessity, any other circumstance would be the death knell to all relative conditions   that support any existence. The continued expansion of human intellect is perhaps a less assured condition. To survive, to perpetuate, human intelligence must adapt in concert with the ever-increasing complexities of the environment we inhabit. Any halt or stagnation would invariably threaten a reversal demonstratively pointing to eventual irrelevance, if not extinction.

The mathematics of the human condition, of survival, of continuance in any recognizable form, requires the exact same purity, consistency, clarity, as do the calculations that administer every other element we see, feel, hear, understand, or have yet to discover, in, about and beyond the universe.

The question of whether the workings of the human calculation are finite or infinite, estimable, or inestimable, have a result, or are indeterminable, is yet to be established. However, any longevity could probably be more easily assured through clean, healthy mental acumen than the constant oppressive weight of endlessly interlaced conspiratorial theorems.

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