9th February 2021

Have you ever pondered how long a question must be asked before the answer in resolved either by general consensus or simple irrevocable fact? Seems that recently any sense of progression or accumulation of knowledge has somehow hit reverse gear, and a vast majority of individuals are either growing vaguer, or more intransigent in their perspectives.

The renaissance is famed for the sudden, almost universal, broadening of peoples imagination and understanding, as if as one the population of the old world decided to step from the shadow of superstition to the bright light of a possible future without fear and oppression. Recent times seem to have introduced a reversal in such positivity, driving cautious spirits back into the edge of the penumbra at minimum.

Twas a time I had faith in the general populus, their resilience, patient sensibility, positivity. I am beginning to recognize ambivalence, such as Rome must have perceived in her own citizenship before that terrible fall from grace.

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