7th February 2021

Following my post dinner nap, wholly caused by the apparent over calorific indulgence my afternoon saunter instigated, I find myself somewhat discombobulated by the lingering vagueness such a disturbingly human reaction is ever inclined to cause. Strangely, I still find it consistently surprising, even at this comparatively advanced age, to endure such wholly natural reactions, as if I am truly entitled to anticipate a more refined response from this intellect, that whilst advancingly prone to human weakness and vulnerability, should really understand the game better.

We are all inclined in dotage to give ourselves underserved airs and graces, imbue out capacities for independent reasoning with   unwarranted and decidedly unearned depth. That the clarity we expect, consider likely, proves increasingly disproportionate to any achievable reality is of course but one further proof of the unavoidability of advancing senility.Myself? I am inclined to enjoy the fuzziness of this illogic certainty that waxes and wanes happily with the changing face of the moon.

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