6th February 2021

We are all without doubt aware of the theorem, if only because of its quotation in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, ‘A monkey hitting random keys on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare’. Such of course is used in Douglas Adams masterpiece as the logic for the improbability drive, and quite neatly encapsulates the profound truth that there is nothing more likely in this universe than the wholly unlikely.

Humans being ‘woke’ creatures are inclined rather condescendingly, and all too incorrectly, to assume intellect somehow outweighs, overrides chance, conveniently forgetting that our existence, through the rigors of evolution, rather openly disproves that erroneous concept entirely. The ever-perpetuating consideration that our species is somehow in charge of, responsible for, the creator of all that is new, wonderous, original, is of course wholly naive and, dare I say it, in line with abundant font of conceit. Humanity since their first faltering steps on two legs have has been constantly tripping over all manner of obstacles, objects, problems, conundrums, both regular and irregular, and claiming each fortunate belated recovery as a victory for intelligence over coincidence. That we ever developed the tools to deal with such misadventures is of some surprise in itself, particularly considering our species inclination towards sloth in all things, remember we are equipped to, and will when hungry, take nourishment from any available source, even carrion, the ultimate proof of our unsavory predatorial omnivore condition..

Much like the dinosaurs we live, prosper, survive at the whim of a wholly unpredictable and uncontrollable universe. Knowledge of an oncoming meteor will not stop it in its tracks, knowledge is never a match for overwhelming force. Each tomorrow arrives for each of us by pure chance, no amount of individual or cumulative intellect, power, or wealth, can avoid the arrival of catastrophe. Better sometimes just to blindly enjoy the ride than worry about the eventual destination.

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