1st February 2021

  We live in a universe dominated by heroes and villains.  Was a time when average was quite acceptable, even preferable, when fitting into a crowd, merging with the peoples general seemed far more advantageous than standing alone by either angelic goodness or demon like evil.        

The invention and popularity of celluloid brought an end of all that is normality, created a thirst for constant excitement in a world previously satisfied with the bland nature of actuality. Reality is not stuffed with heart racing moments, exhilaration, fear, joy, sorrow, on an almost momentarily basis. Rather it is mundane, repetitive, predictable, safe, the very ingredients that create an environment suitable for a society stable enough for success and growth.

Theater, fiction, fantasy, spawns the environment we now inhabit, with all the attendant reactions, assumptions, inequalities, suppositions firmly intimated by curtesy of the script writers we allow command over our dreams and imaginations.

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