30th January 2021

Some days are meant for celebration, others for sorrow, but on a few most unusual occasions both emotions can be satisfied simultaneously. The most common reason for experiencing such a duality is when a circumstance that appears positive arises from wholly negative actions, like seeming purity following utter obliteration.

Many things that we now resolve to be acceptable, even advantageous, have at times been considered distinctly inappropriate. Society like individuals can become befuddled by the incongruity of such transformation, suspended in the unfortunate hiatus where positive and negative, good, and bad, are but alternative descriptors for fear and desire, convenience, and obstruction. Polar opposites are inclined, like a sprat and a sturgeon, to become enmeshed in the same tiny keep net, having too constantly distance themselves to avoid becoming fused nose to tail in some cartoonish parody, to become equally unrecognizable and meaningless.

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