29th January 2021

My solitary walks, perhaps not taken as religiously as once was but still pursued as often as is practical, have introduced me, all be it at only waving distance, to a whole pantheon of fellow Orcas residents. Shared experience is a wonderous building block for acquaintance, and the sublime pursuit of wandering, oft directly responsible for we elderly morphing redundancy into continuance, is an exact exemplar of that truth. Such trail friends, fellow pathway users, with a smile, a wave, even on occasion a distantly mouthed but still recognizable hello, can miraculously turn what might otherwise be a lonely day even momentarily to a joyously shared occasion.

Today I was ambling alongside the lake when I spied such a trail mate heading towards me from afar. Being I was at fault, having my back to oncoming traffic, I crossed over the road to give him clear passage and avoiding the necessity for us both to don our face masks. This maneuver placed me on the inside of a blind bend and at more than usual peril. Seeing my repositioning my acquaintance immediately turned through 180 degrees and began signaling any oncoming traffic to please begin slowing down as they approached my now hidden position. Such a simple act, but one showing great foresight, attention and care, something I hope I would be inclined to do follow should similar circumstances arise. Such small but precious acts are the very life blood of island existence, the way we show our concern and love for each other, familiar or stranger, intimate or simple trail friend acknowledged but with a nod.

On a separate but equally exciting note Moran state park has employed on a seasonal basis a bevy of young ladies to assist with necessary tasks and functions. Was more than pleased to exchange greetings and a few sprightly sentences with five of the crew today.  Increasing power to Washington state parks and recreation department who’s ever expanding attention and commitment to equal opportunity in all things ever do impress and incline me to support that continuation financially and vocally.

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