28th January 2021

Occasionally, quite randomly, my mind becomes enmeshed in the vague, almost imperceptible web that controls, enhances, diminishes, the multitudinous diverse patterns that direct our lives and experiences. Unsurprisingly, for a beast inclined to present themselves as these insights into utter chaos are ever terrifying, humbling, even bordering the degrading, for never is a creature proved so small as when they measure themselves with honestly against the vastness the universe in all its wonder and complexity.

The entrance to that disturbing rabbit hole is surprisingly available, open, yawning, only marginally protected by the thinnest of veils that not particularly successfully keep sanity and irrationality if not separated then at least bookended. What we see, feel, understand, communicate, is entirely relative to that seemingly unending pit’s walls, changing fundamentally and oft irrevocably at each and every descending level. Hence the fall,  as any other, is remarkably easy, the resurrection infinitesimally problematic.

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