27th January 2021

I have recently been obliged to reappraise my ongoing adherence to those long-term principles and considerations that have so long directed, aligned, disposed my actions. Such dogma whilst perfectly providing consistency in treatment and predictability in response are also inclined to be intransigent in the face of changing or unexpected circumstances. If maturity, experience, has taught us anything it is that flexibility in both viewpoint and reactivity is vital for the unprecedented fluidity of modern moral and ethical dilemmas.

Whilst the ability to show compassion and understanding to dilute, weaken, amend the strongest of principles in exceptional circumstances is unquestionably the preferable path for those hoping to cultivate an understanding and empathetic bent, it also exposes the benefactor to the vagaries of recipient egocentrism.

Self-indulgence, heedlessness, negligence, without question the twenty first centuries manifestation of hubris, is still quite as toxic as ever was to the ancient Greeks.

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