26th January 2021

Even upon this most pleasant of isles we might be forgiven for imagining ourselves presently existing, ‘In the bleak midwinter, Frosty wind made moan.’  Of course our hardships are marginal, miniscule in comparison to most, for we are soft, coddled, indulged beasts, ill-suited for existence in a world without ever ready warmth, light, and comfort. Such is the reward of consistently and continuously evolving, a remarkable upsurge in intellectual capability, but an overwhelming loss of physical viability.

I suffer similarly to you all, I shiver unwarranted at the slightest chill breeze, hunker down indoors when the open air and unrefined light would enhance my wellbeing enormously. I do recognize my fault, acknowledge my weakness, but not sufficiently to alter my direction, an attitude of unnatural cocooning, of hibernation, unnecessary, unsuited, and unhelpful to my species. The unfortunate embracing of a lifestyle unbeneficial, indeed contrary, to considerations of longevity.

Lifestyle is in itself a most inappropriately bandied word, used to suggest by inference a deference to natural matters rather that wholly personal choice. Was a time that such a disposition was considered and accepted as being divergent, perhaps not necessarily abnormal, or abhorrent but most decidedly unorthodox. Such adoptions, realizations if your like, were best played out privately, quietly, without undue fanfare of publicity. Quite correctly the taboo of many such preferences have been removed, abandoned, cast into the now overriding social melting pot of inclusivity.

Mine own longevity is unquestionably due to an acceptance of conventionality, a rejection of the demands my more colorful nature desired. Yet even that traditional cloak had its limitations, marriage, parenthood, familial responsibility, all denied outright the calling I would otherwise have been inclined to follow.

Seems to be this present allows for all, permits the proscribed to be forgot, or at minimum pushed aside in the name of inclusivity. Sacrifice it seems has been abandoned in the name of convenience and personal carnal fulfillment.

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