25th January 2021

Having passed the majority of my day in utter idleness I am suddenly at this latish hour presented with the task of marking the decidedly insalubrious occasion with a suitably profound literary epithet. In immediacy nothing whatsoever springs to mind, feelings of apathy, lethargy are not generally inclined to positively engage the otherwise listless mechanical gearings of imagination or illumination. Magically, perversely. the very lack of inspiration bizarrely opens a door into a wholly original, or at least somewhat unfamiliarly decorated bar my thirsty soul is both happy and content to now frequent awhile.

Having spent the best part of eternity clambering hand over hand through the unwelcoming and decidedly spiky branches festooning, protecting, the abundantly creative tree of evolution, much akin in appearance to the aptly named monkey puzzle, we now are inclined to perch at the very top, successfully, if not particularly comfortably, but with no particular purpose or anything to do.

Such is very much the historic biological fate of top predatorial species, an arduous climb to ascendency, a short period of supremacy, then the natural culmination of all things animal and mineral, wholesale, and irreversible obliteration. Time is thankfully still very much on the side of humanity, we truly have but just recently scaled the pinnacle, and to date the strength of our limbs and determination in our being have not weakened one jot.

Are we bound inherently to follow the trend, the proven pattern of rise, dominate, fall? Possibly, probably, most likely, almost assuredly. More importantly do the answer truly matter, have some intrinsic import beyond affirmation of the constant struggle betwixt evolution and stagnation? In all honesty none whatsoever, it is but our overstated self-worth that suggests otherwise.

As for me, having finished this last sentence I shall return quite happily to idleness.

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