22nd January 2021

Today found me wending my way towards the ivory towers of Eastsound for two distinctly different yet compatible reasons. Firstly, the necessity to procure a replenishment of my supply of the active yogurt that my increasing preference for the vegetarian end of the omnivore diet has made a necessary supplement. My second and perhaps more profound purpose was to test, by simple osmosis, the state of my communities spiritual well-being following the most welcome events of the previous day.

It has ever been my belief that the élan of both society and the individual can be motivated quite easily by significant public events confirming the continuation of humanities goodness, perseverance, and positive aspirations. If ever I could imagine a moment in the last half decade to demonstrate such a theorem, today was the day.

The market, my chosen supplier of all produce dairy orientated, is also my prime place of human contact and interaction. However, as is my custom before entering those hallowed grocery halls I took the opportunity to partake in a refreshing and psychologically exhilarating cup of my chosen poison, a double shot mocha. Perchance my visit coincided with that of an acquaintance whom I had opportunity to chat with for some considerable amount of time. Necessarily our conversation quickly paned through the previous few months happenstances, before arriving, quite suitably for my research, upon the previous day’s events and changes wrought thereby.

Favoring as I do the liberal over the conservative, the social over the commercial, I was quite happy to discuss at some length the long overdue raising of the minimum federal wage. Of all the measures suggested as possibly, likely, probable, this one notion, in unison with the institution of an integral health program, would move United States workers to parity with the majority of modern national economies. Whilst we agreed such measures must fundamentally change the nature of society in complex and multifaceted ways, we also concurred such alterations were both positive and decades overdue in their arrival.

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