20th January 2021

 Whilst facing mortality is unquestionably the last thing we want to do, it doth become somewhat necessary towards twilight to recognize the surety of the setting sun, accept its weakening light and amend activity accordingly. Medical practitioners, health gurus, life coaches, those particular professions and callings with a vested interest in amplifying the  longevity of an existence, will make much noise about ensuring a good lifestyle, adequate exercise, natural and nourishing dietary habits, discarding unnecessary and probable irritants like nicotine and alcohol, in short sterilizing what remains of time allotted in a banal, unedifying and unappetizing manner, for we all must  admit that in general  it is the noes, the sweet negatives of life, that prove the more attractive to the aged.

Physicality is very much a province of that now far-off state named youth, a country where far too much is made of speed and freneticism, and far too little of contemplation and stoic acceptance. When exactly we emigrate the incomprehensible distance from one to the other is debatable, deliciously vague, a subject for endless literary contemplation in poetry, prose and soliloquy. Fond as humanity ever is for labeling, naming, categorizing, our languages are remarkably lax in explicitly defining the ages of mankind.  

Childhood, adolescence, youth, adult, middle age, elderly, old, all are lingually descriptive, often legally defined by necessity, but have the most blurred, indistinct, ambiguous, abstract of feeling, taste, flavor. Perhaps it is the uncertainty, the ambiguity, the indeterminacy of the span that bewilders conceptualization, for the end might quite literally be momentary, or interminable. The question of debilitation is of course weighty, whether the effort of continuance is reflected in the quality of the reward. Such argument is in my humble opinion vapid, without choice in the matter, a dog in the fight as were, endless churning simply creates anguish, additional white hair upon an already snow-covered dome.  Having teetered on that particular windowsill myself a few times I can assure that the resultant landing is not particularly appealing.

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