19th January 2021

Beyond doubt an individual’s fairness, their acceptance of the principles of equality and egalitarianism, directly reflects their base honesty, integrity, presumptions about position, worth, perceived import, both to the hierarchy and comparatively to others. However, humankind is not the most obvious of beasts, particularly in their considerations to and about their peers.

Obscenely self-centered, undeniably vain and conceited, the very qualities that make the species homo sapiens remarkable, even unique in their rise and consistent departure from the mire, are directly opposed to any that might suggest a propensity for humility or altruism.

Interaction with other fellows is a constant struggle with our wholly divisive nature, a case of having to inspire the more liberal self to overcome the genetically predisposed, aggressively protective, conservative face.

Perhaps the first step towards positive progress is an admittance of inherent error, a recognition that any first consideration, the most naturally seeming solution, will invariably be of a wholly selfish nature,

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