17th January 2021

There is always a moment in dreams, in imaginings when reality breaks through the illogic and presents the utter foolishness of what had momentarily seemed the perfect solution to all the errors and deceits of the world. This happenstance is what those in the scientific community rather casually refer to as waking up. In general this moment of epiphany takes but a millisecond to take hold, often accompanied by a somewhat violent shaking of the head and a bit of a scratch.

Such great, wonderous, but wholly impossible ideas are soon discarded, shunned to that place where infantile pipe dreams ever go to founder and dissipate. As an adult we are instructed, expected, to put away childish things, but invariably on occasion some remnant will remain, persistently, naggingly, intimating an action or concept foolish and brash. The sensible will ignore such echoes, the less pragmatic might regrettably be inclined to be persuaded. There but for the grace of god is the destruction and downfall of us all.

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