16th January 2021

Was a time irony, sarcasm, wit, were acceptable forms of persuasive humor, the operative word being of course humor, suggesting that the remarks must by definition have some meritorious occasion to invoke amusement. Unfortunately, we seem to have reached that stage in our vocal and graphic development when should a throwaway statement, cartoon, photograph, meme, not include within itself some form of inherent brutishness then it is no longer considered worthy of dissemination.

Cruelty has never and never will be a solution to or even constraint against bad behavior. You cannot persuade humans any more than you can an animal purely by harsh means, eventually any beast will strike out, whether in embarrassment, retaliation, or frustration.

Consistent devolvement to such inauspicious methods simply reduces any user to a parody, incapable of expressing or even recognizing the positive means available, good example, proactive persuasion, empathetic education. Cruelty begets cruelty, and a cruel society induces evil and unrest.

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