15th January 2021

Disappointment in ones fellow man is understandable, surprise rarely is. Despondency resulting from an individual’s endless gullibility, their infinite reckless ignoring of sense and sensibility becomes almost a given, their capacity for crass absurdity an accepted constant source of frustration and frustration.

However, dealing with such challenges is not as problematic of as we are inclined to state through clenched teeth, the answer to such situations having been writ large through all recorded history, and no doubt muttered in the dark corners of even the basest of cave dwellings. Accept and move on, take a deep breathe and smile, nod agreeably, without indicating agreement.

Ron White makes an excellent living simply stating, ‘there is no cure for stupid’, and sadly his sentiment is more or less entirely accurate. It is patently better just to jump over the obstructing burrows, that try to investigate the rabbit holes in obviously bad company.

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