12th January 2021

Is it only me or does the site of young couples promenading masked but emphatically adjoined hand-in-hand fill your heart with joy? After almost a year of isolation, social distancing, just this simple sight brings feelings of humanity, of love, of mutual connectivity, flooding back.

We all have concluded after the past months that any consistent and convivial future relies entirely upon the youth whom to our deep regret have been obliged to experience these worst of times.  Their ability to rise above the limitations of what has graphically manifested as an almost unconscionable existence is all that protects us from a future dominated by the ongoing collapse of any form of socialization we would easily recognize. The stirrings of unapologetic anarchy have taken all of eleven months to descend upon our collective conscience, thankfully the reserves of solicitude are thus far adequate to repel the onslaught.

Please do take pleasures where you may, encapsulating every act and sign of togetherness, personal or visual.

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