11th January 2021

Faithfulness has ever been a stretch for me, in alliances, personal resolutions, physical relationships I tend to be quite excruciatingly flighty.  This weakness is quite anomalous, for in most other circumstances I am assuredly a creature of habit, in appearance, diet, time management, even in those cases where acceptance of laxity is almost de rigour, to include moral and ethical consideration, honesty, loyalty and straightforwardness, where my unpopular and oft ill-advised insistence on calling a spade a spade ever do proclaim me.

I have concluded that my particular problem with people is one of easily accumulated boredom. No matter how physically appealing or entertaining individuals of groups momentarily are, in nine out of ten cases the newness is replaced by disinterest in short shrift. All of my really long-term friendships are entirely based upon camaraderie, a concept perhaps difficult to envisage in this very intimate age. Most of not all are have been with members of the female gender, I much prefer the look, smell, and proximity of women, in my perhaps very individual opinion they are so very much more ornamental than the majority of males.

Mine own sexual predilections are admittedly somewhat ambivalent, having in my time tasted most every product available in the grocery store. Quite early on, in my late teens to early twenties, I decided that practically, and at that time legality, proscribed that heterosexuality was a far easier and societally acceptable course, one that still allowed me the opportunity to be outlandishly promiscuous with only the mildest criticism and condescension from society at large.  Please do understand that the period in question, the late sixties through early seventies, was as removed from both former and latter-day health and morality considerations as can be possibly imagined.

Considerations of physical or even esthetic relationships are now happily behind me, replaced quite perfectly by good acquaintances, non-invasive friendships, occasional mutual interactions. Mature and adult associations that allow me to shut the front door behind my content solitary ass.

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