7th January 2021

The events in DC today, the 6th January 2021, are already confined to history, creating a dark stain upon the face of democracy for years to come. As a native-born son of the last people to breach the sanctity of the US capital buildings in the year 1812, I personally found the events surreal, and equally bizarre coming from a nation that so constantly prides itself upon taking lesser nations to task for declining proper democratic behaviors. I have no great interest in lingering upon these unfortunate events, like all fleeting nightmares the antiseptic mouthwash of truth will wash such unpleasantry away, at least of immediate effect upon the tongue. Whether the long-term taste can ever be jettisoned in another matter, the memory alone will no doubt haunt the flavor of democracy for some time to come.

I just received a message from a friend in Taiwan voicing concern for the American way of life, democracy, for world peace. I replied simply, ‘be patient, even the strongest soul is on occasion inclined to stumble’.

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