6th January 2021

There is a fundamental desire, an obsession if you will, for human beings to control, manipulate, organize, sanction others’ lives in a manner considered appropriate and acceptable. This deep-rooted need has existed since the dawn of civilization itself and manifests in many ways, substantively negative but on occasion positive.

All laws. principles, moral and ethical directives, religions, political and social organizations have their basis in this simple impulse, capable of overriding any inherent herd or pack mentality genetically implanted deep within the collective psyche. Such base imperatives are generally positive attributes in the less complex species, ensuring a continuance of good habits, promoting survival through regeneration, good health practices, learned abilities, and some form of naturally occurring hierarchy for control and command. The concept, the provision, the ability to possess or show free will is largely omitted from such rudimentary designs. Autonomy, independent thought, and activity being an inherent danger, anathema if you will, to any continued, uninterrupted longevity.

Perhaps the most significant attribute exponentially expanded intelligence brought to the upright ape was specialization, and ability to perform complex tasks, accomplishments, mental and physical, in a manner unmatched or as yet considered unnecessary by his fellows, in a never-ending expansion of the very lexicon of life.  This singular skill arrived as a result of the wholly original ability and desire to perform repetitious activities for no other purpose than exemplifying a practical or even abstract idea, derived from an inherent need to expand the quality of existence beyond that which might quite easily have been accepted as perfection.

Specialization, focus, concentrated attention, moved the human species away from generalization, commonality, to a truly pyramidic design based on individual ability and skillsets, physical, intellectual, and particularly fascinatingly authoritarianism, through personality, presence, sway, a uniquely human strata of ascendancy.

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