5th January 2021

No one can ever truly understand the effect of childhood abuse, for no one can judge the possibilities that might have existed without it terrible burden. There is no substitute for a loss of innocence, no remedy for the terrible toll mistrust and fear enforce upon the psyche. Professional counselors will claim to understand the effects, but what they mean is they witness the scars, empathize with the consequences, but without personally suffering the years of mental violence and oppression such behaviors are bound to promulgate their sympathies are but puny bandages trying to staunch gaping non-sutured wounds.

Do not talk to me of being sorry, of your commiserations or condolences, rather keep still your prattling tongue, the endless morass of meaningless solicitudes, and direct you mindfulness to those who suffering, and disappointments, are just beginning.

Your remedies cannot heal the sickness of yesterday. Rather stop that same disease today from spreading its pestilence to each and every tomorrow.

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