3rd January 2021

New beginnings can be disappointing affairs, seeming to promise so much, dangling myriad glittering facets before our eyes, gems in the rough just awaiting the cutters magical touch, only to eventually solidify as mere rocks having not the slightest essence of promise or inherent value.  

Changes in time, weather, circumstances, relationships, all follow this same irritating rule, whenever we passionately believe things have sunk to untenable levels, we manage to stagger face first into another previously unnoticed fissure.  Pessimism is not a state of mind, ‘tis rather the precise form of reality, that warped law profoundly stating that if something can transpire it probably will, that tomorrow is not another day but rather a continuance of today, that the sun will probably not come out tomorrow, a true and likely outcome in almost any location of this world.

Cynicism should never be written off as purely negative, rather it should be honored, rewarded, as a very tangible indicator of that most fundamental of human capabilities, preparedness. Of course many beasts show a propensity for preplanning to some degree, squirrels with their stash of nuts, great cats with their protective and camouflaging lair, eagles and their visually all-encompassing perch, but non show the capacity for the multilayered orchestration of the human species.  It is that very combination of planning and foresight that has gifted homo sapiens with their superficial perception of power and authority over all.

Humanity being a particularly petulant and topsy turvy beast is now inclined to reject this hard-earned notion of superiority and in some vain attempt to meld with mother earth abandon all vestiges of recognizable civilization, except of course those directly relating to personal comfort and hygiene, returning to near neandertal status, reborn, reimagined, as somehow ‘new age’, or even dare I say it, as ‘hipster’.

A touch of pessimism at New Year is a good thing. An over indulgence of optimism simply a precondition of impending disaster.

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