2nd January 2021

Every new year is by nature fraught with questions, possibilities, probabilities, hidden opportunity, obvious and malignant threat. Twenty twenty, the year of clear and concise vison, proved all of these things in spades, indeed provided far more dilemma than answers, left a most distinctive taste in the throat, that particular lingering kind that any amount of toothpaste or mouthwash is totally unable to erase.

All our hopes are that twenty  twenty-one will be the great leveler, return balance to a world torn asunder by pestilence, fear and acrimony. Such hope in without doubt universal, no part of the globe having entirely escaped ‘double tops’ undivided attention, has avoided in totality the invasive nature of such a perfectly designed and naturally disseminating protagonist.

Proof has been provided, if twas ever needed, that scientific understanding has immediate limits, no seer can with any certainly predict the manner that nature will choose to reimpose the hierarchy that controls, advance, culls all living organisms.

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