31st December 2020

Old years day is the perfect occasion to reflect upon the errors perpetrated in the recent past, their repercussions, and vocalize the intent to correct those unfortunate anathema in the coming twelve months.

That human existence manifests in a whole litany of unfortunate events and consequences is painfully obvious to any who care to look objectively. Mankind’s watchwords should surely be ‘do as little harm as you can manage’, and ‘repair the damage you do with good speed and measurable success.’ For a so-called higher species we are demonstratively incapable of controlling our worst instincts, reacting, or rather overreacting, emotionally, physically, impulsively. The veil betwixt man and beast is painfully thin, impossibly frail, all too easily ripped asunder.

Our resolutions to improve, adapt, evolve, are most certainly worthy of praise, if not automatically believable. Mankind is at the core a beast of promises, both kept and forgot, an ever-hungry predator erroneously promising gastronomic consideration for all.

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