27th December 2020

‘Tis the third day of Christmas and we are all contemplating, vocally at least, three French hens joining with two turtle doves and a rather lonely partridge already ensconced in our seasonal pear tree.

That festive rhyme is probably the only reminiscence recalling the so long honored and universally practiced tradition within the geographic boundaries of Christendom, the twelve days of Christmas. The duodecuple marks the period between Christmas day and Epiphany, declared sacred by the Council of Tours in 567 C.E.

Personally, I have always found the internalized emotions of peace and tranquility fostered within the period of a particularly powerful and wholly infectious nature, presenting a world somehow brighter, more fraternal, kinder, and charitable. Reflecting, as were, those very childlike qualities of wonder and hope we would like to recognize and promulgate as the true Christmas, or Christian message.

Traditional Boxing Day Fare

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