20th December 2020

I am enamored by words, by their meanings, subtleties, inferences, the way they can be ordered to present the most logical of treatise, but equally and quite as easily the most obtuse. No doubt this is appears the case in all spoken languages, but I am inclined to imagine, nay hope, that my own native voice is the most eloquent, the most capable, the most perfectly adaptable vehicle of all for the perfect rendition of fact, emotion, theatricality, and philosophy.

Quite cantankerously I am disinclined to read to any great measure, preferring the joys of creating mine own comparatively worthless tracts to the pronouncement, whether aloud or silent as a prayer, of the voluminal renderings of almost any other individual. I admit to certain exceptions, there are perhaps one handful of scribes I have fully explored with unabashed hunger, and whilst their ‘nom de plume’ would no doubt explain much of my most unfortunate inner turmoil, I must, without exception, keep that listing sacrosanct for fear of self-incrimination.

A language raised from unremarkable commonality to the chosen vessel of kings, Anglo-Saxon, through old and middle English, to what we now are inclined to remark the modern idiom has proved constantly worthy of the most expansive imaginations and intellects that have ever bestrode our fair planet. Having successfully shed its harsh Germanic roots our tongue has blossomed and flowered into a form capable of carrying the lyrical ramblings of Byron and Longfellow, the cunning triplets of Shakespeare or Marlow, the scientific genius of Newton, Darwin, and especially Hawking, the political audacity of Cromwell, Lock and Marx, the fictional visions of Dickens, Doyle, and Christie.   

Yet still she grows, adapts, transforms, creating the new, yet protecting in rhyme and fragmented expression the old and perhaps almost forgot. Fear not the resilience of ‘ye olde worlde’, rather abhor newspeak, the overt simplification of sentence to phrase, phrase to guttural and clinical grunt. Enunciate, write, read, communicate, be the ape who relates explicitly, and understands implicitly.

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