17th December 2020

Extract from a recent intercommunication I think might be worthy of general perusal.

I apologize for my apparent lack of punctuality in replying to your last message. This was not due to any lack of interest indeed quite the opposite, I simply wished to consider my reply with suitable thoroughness.  I have spent the intermittent period initially wandering in my favorite park contemplating how mine own actions and emotions would be inclined to react to your present situation, and latterly organizing the mish mash of thoughts into so sort of cohesive response.

Personally, I have ever been inclined to walk the razors edge, balance upon that polished keenness in order to facilitate the early arrival at whatever destination my immediate desires directed. The eternal risk is of course that one slip can result in catastrophic harm, but I have ever been inclined to weigh that risk against the chance of losing unique opportunity. In almost every way this form of bravado is wholly self-indulgent, but in some slight defense I had after considerable consideration concluded that loss is equally painful immediately or of offset to some future date, so taking a risk was in balance of no consequence. A chance lost is a chance never ever to be regained.

Resultantly my life experienced had pitched and rolled like a lifeboat on a very rough and uncompromising sea, yet I have to date neither fallen overboard or watched my vessel founder. Happiness and sadness have been equally omnipresent, sometimes singularly, occasion dually. Fate can be extraordinarily uncooperative partner, turning upon a sixpence just as you have everything totally under control, but equally allowing sunshine to break through and disperse the densest rain storms.

My singular advice, my own one guiding principle has ever been go with your gut, ignore intellect, rely on pure bestial instinct. There is no way to see the day after tomorrow so best to chance an arm than lose you head.

‘Which accounts for the hump on the camel and the sphinx’s inscrutable smile.’ Original derivation unknown.

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