16th December 2020

I do so enjoy overheard conversations, particularly when they involve a mass of bovine out fall of incredulous proportions. Men of a certain tenure are especially gifted in this capacity, being able to propound profusely upon any number of subjects in which they have not the slightest especial knowledge or insight. 

Admittedly, I too have reached that wearisome age and am obliged on a   regular basis to check myself firmly to avoid being drawn into an unnecessarily extravagant over-icing of life’s lemon madeira cake. Rather I find it more amusing, and safer, to quietly listen with great interest and anticipation to the tales of wonder and woe, of ‘sailing ships and sealing wax’, to quoth my dear old friend Tusker, the walrus.

Attending without enjoining allows a person to feel so very much superior, without that annoying necessity for prove the point. Silence in this particular instance is not only golden but elicits the winning strategy.

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