14th December 2020

Many of my most treasured Christmas presents might seem quite ordinary to many, seldom of any great cost or particular intrinsic value, rather either items I have oft thought to purchase but never found the exact one to suit, or wholly unique items I would never contemplate buying for myself in a month of boxing days.

I must admit to being an absolute glutton for surprises, the more abstract and outrageous the better. Gifts always guaranteed to make me blush and become almost intolerably introverted require serious soul searching and not a little inspiration, purchase price being of not the slightest significance. I am after all beneath this veneer of panache and bravado an extraordinarily cheap date.

In truth deep inside I bear a decided streak of the miser, not in relation to other people’s wants but quite perversely to mine own. I definitely don’t  desire expensive toys, but bring me an absolute bargain and I will crow fit to clear the coup.

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