13th December 2020

How quickly we become affected, inspired, dismayed, react to, the big contrivances experienced, the awesome mountains, chilling chasms that overwhelm sight and sense. Yet remarkably it is the smallest of irregularities, subtlest of persuasions, most tenuous of inferences that are inclined to move our physical and emotional selves most effectively.

Like so many sheep we can be easily and successfully herded, shepherded, driven with absolute precision, forced to proceed through fear of the known, the immediate, the recognized, obliged to pass through and enter into situations that in reality are far darker and more desperate than any threatening illusory behind or to the side.

Smoke and mirrors invariably see the downfall of reason and foresight. Deception cunningly created, manipulated, and multiplied, a motivation for every variety of foolish, inopportune activity, excusing stupidity by a simple lack of perspicacity.

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