12th December 2020

Yesterday, being a Friday, was significant for two reasons. Firstly the continuation of the penance that obliges the day be meatless, and secondly the regular reprovisioning visit to our local epicenter, the thriving metropolis and vibrant hub of all splendor that is the village of Eastsound.

My final halt before exiting the front door is a large brass dish, once used far more splendidly as an alter plate, to retrieve the personal wherewithal’s necessary for a successful visitation. Used to be that trips of import followed that old cardinal triumvirate of wallet, watchchain, spectacles, the third triptych I presently changed for modesty’s sake, but now of course we have been obligated to learn a new mantra, wallet, watchchain, spectacles and most importantly face mask.

Somehow over the now almost ten months of pandemic I have managed to accumulate some seven or eight masks of various styles and patterns, and an equal number of shemagh and scarves that when wrapped around the face serve just as suitably, if not exactly as efficient from a purely scientific viewpoint. I do not know about you, but my masks are decidedly showing signs of wear, especially as quite often I am inclined to stuff them unceremoniously into a pocket when I know I am unlikely to cross another individual for some considerable time. I do replace then intermittently, admittedly not as oft as I should, but to date I can claim to have not strayed beyond a thirty-foot radius of mine abode without a mask ever ready.

Now we come to the crux of why the aforementioned diatribe suddenly today became relevant. Have you, my eternally patient readers, noticed as I recently have  the number of sightings of brand-new masks on conspicuously unfamiliar faces, coverings that are quite obviously, by the amount of fiddling and adjustment, not precautionary measures that the wearer has any familiarity with. In other words, we are being infiltrated by face mask virgins. From exactly which idyllic Corona free environment they have emerged I am quite unsure but do hope they are quite as clean and robust as they appear.

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