11th December 2020

As our life, our experience, our considerations either reactively or seamlessly develop through infinitesimal momentarily interactions, so out attitude to, our relationship with, the only true finite of time is obliged to follow in concert.

Childhood brings haste, a need for speed, an unshakable fear that there are insufficient hours upon the clock, illumination within the fiery core of the sun, to taste, investigate, accomplish all the mysterious, miraculous, and magical instances, objects and circumstances that present themselves, akin to so much water copiously leaking from an unpluggable source.

This experience of endless failure to absorb, ingest, fathom all that presents is inclined to makes us picky, particular about what moistens the palete, inflames the passions, floats our very personal boat. Time is spent perhaps wastefully, but more likely fruitfully, in consideration of what is relevant both to ourselves alone and to any possible future needs, and thus a pattern of pointed education and attention takes shape. Such interest, hobbies, fascinations take root in the fertile and still uncluttered mind of late childhood and adolescence, but may not fully blossom immediately, but grow slowly, steadily, throughout a span. Time has passed beyond the immediacy of the bairn and become the less fragile and fleet footed acquaintance of approaching adulthood.

Maturity of body, as opposed to mind, the latter being a wholly different and rather arbitrary measure, brings a sort of comfortable coexistence with the timepiece, a realization that some circumstances and elements are beyond the control of even as wonderous a creature as a walking, talking ape, the physics of relativity being most decidedly within that category. Interests have developed into pastimes or perhaps even fetishes, somewhat similar but thankfully for human conscience not exactly the same, and that great singularly uniting fear, the very finite nature of existence itself becomes no terror at all, just an abiding matter of fact.  Effectively making the very purpose of living preparation for the resolution of demise.

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