9th December 2020

A fortnight afore the Winter Solstice and sixteen days before the first day of Christmas finds me in contemplative mood. The day are now perturbingly short, eating into any hopes of normalcy for an individual used to any degree of leisurely living.  Love of the dawn never aroused me, unless it heralded an extremely fatigued creeping betwixt eiderdown and sheet, following an extraordinarily thrilling contretemps of one form or another, preferably of several different and equally memorable variances.

Admittedly partying and general misconduct tend to play out largely in my memory now, largely long past but deliciously recalled in vivid color, flavor, and detail. Surprising how fatiguing a good recollection can be, particularly when the mind is agile but the body is inclined towards creaking unforgivingly.

Winter balls were always a favorite of mine, large formal occasions, rooms amok with sumptuous gowns and equally divine food and drink. I could dance though the entire night whilst barely breaking sweat, saving any physical excess for whatever hopeful promise such events were inclined to present.

Drinking champagne from your ladies shoe is surprisingly difficult, such splendid dress generally being accompanied by peep tied footwear. Nevertheless such feats of daring do, and sodden shirtfronts were attempted, particularly as the evening drew on and the level of decorum grew less. Any unfortunate spillage was accepted as the price to pay for extreme reward, and as I recall the majority of the great houses tended to reside in the midst of extravagant ornamental gardens, filled with an endless supply of suitably private nook and cranny for persuasion.

Mazurka, quadrille, tango, waltz, foxtrot, the choice of rhythms were enticing, the opportunities upon a full dance card endless. My nineteen sixties and seventies were equally as exotic and crazy as any hippy commune existence, just a little less tie dye and more patent pumps and tails. The booze and drugs might have been of differing forms and vintages, but still equally intoxicating and mood altering.

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