7th December 2020

Am I alone in being concerned that an administrative hierarchy I assumed had reached the extremes of all possible disconnect now seems to be somehow continuing onward under the illusion that its decommissioning falls beyond the scope of man or beast to counter or contradict?   That the chroniclers of the moment seem barely able to aim more than paper sword in riposte to such sullen obliviousness really has little to no effective cauterizing effect, the life blood of a thousand years of democratic practice still oozes outward from the gaping wound in the vox poluli’s aspirations.  

Most alarming are the serious and usually attentive observers excusing such behaviors as somehow nothing more than extreme gamesmanship, or choosing to remain numbly silent, if not deniers to hypocrisy then most certainly excusers.   

Bad enough to spit upon Camelot, but to grind the remaining stones under heel is intolerable.

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