6th December 2020

The relationship betwixt reality and personal imaginings had become a surprising focal point of public discussion. Like a fool I always considered the difference quite obvious, not needing clarification from all and sundry, just a fairly focused eye and a modicum of common sense.

Apparently that particular egg has somewhat queered, the rot set into previously pristine vitellus, and as with so many other examples of introduced contaminant, a small infraction soon becomes excessively virulent.

The ridiculous, which at one time was quite appropriately dispatched to the twin realms of derision and scorn, has somehow found common cause with those persons previously categorized rather cruelly as the great unread and unwashed, the salt of the earth, the common masses, those unfortunates if given opportunity are much inclined to sheepishly follow every and any  errant shepherd into the depths of vacuous absurdity as long as their persuasions are sufficiently crass.

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