4th December 2020

If James Keziah Delaney is remembered for one single thing alone, it is no doubt his favorite line, “I have a use for you”. Such usage was of course ever a two-way street, although only James himself ever knew the exact source and destination of that particular promenade. Many a soul, brute, intellectual, politician, agent provocateur, attempted to infiltrate his highly deceptive reasoning, all imagined they had accomplished that advantageous feat, but all in the finality failed quite dismally.

Few people enjoy or understand true dedication to a purpose, the will of mind to risk all other things, including the ultimate sacrifice, to furnish a goal of stupendous magnitude. Such bravery, bravado, seems foolhardy to the lesser individual, the result rarely truly worthy of such stakes, but thus are singularly bloody-minded pilgrims distinguished from the paltry and banal.

My pied-à-terre  is not a million miles as the raven flies from that very  Nootka sound that is the fulcrum of James’s ambitions and destiny, a landing ground only previously visited by his late father Horace many years earlier in search of pelts, a treaty and a wife, all of which he successfully obtained in exchange for gunpowder, beads and a little silver.

James, a wild and dangerous lad, originally sought his fortune on the coast of Africa, accomplishing much success at the expense of daring do, ignominy, much pain and dastardly deeds. He chose, or rather was forced, to travel inland on his adventures. For myself, I ever remained on the coastline and adjacent islands, but most certainly pain and unfortunate circumstances are more often than not coincidental with adjacency to that singular continent.

That both he and I should look in our later years for a  sanctuary in the Americas from the corrupt and divisive nature of social and political life in the old world is notable, if only due to our discovery that the particular breed of porcine in question is uninclined to wander far from the trough at any point upon the face of the globe.

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