30th November 2020

It is around this time of year that I am obliged to finally attempt to try and realign my internalized body clock. The evenings draw dim quite early now, the morns respectively commencing at some wholly ridiculous early hour, ensuring that even I am obliged to rise some time before noon if daylight is ever to be encountered and have the slightest hope of licking at my milky skin. This impertinent but necessary alteration to my daily regimen is not as easy a change to facilitate as youthful circumstances might once have permitted it to be.

In this my dotage I am almost inclined to do without sleep entirely than to be other than the fixed and unashamed night bird. Both my physique, accustomed as it is to a daily trudge measured in miles as opposed to the interior dimensions of my living room, and my appetite, which remains voracious whether exercise is forthcoming or abandoned, are disinclined to make as major of an allowance for something as quite plainly insignificant and mundane as simple lack of daylight.

Was a time my autumnal intake of calories would exponentially increase to compensate for the dearth of provisions to come in the chill and dark of winter, now unfortunately I find that the production of the blubber like insulation of a walrus is the least of my concerns, that process being almost a natural byproduct of my unhappy conditioning. Rather the problem of overindulgence moves foremost, autumn, winter, spring and summer, an ever half emptied feed sack permanently ensconced around my thickening neck begging for reprovision.

Admittedly the penances hovering menacingly around my pate are little more than small cheese comparative to those smote wholly unjustifiably upon the many more unfortunate. Never the less they bother me quite sufficiently to be tiresome,, incline me to long and arduous naps, snoozes elongated and deep, quite the opposing effect to move that might erase or even slightly counter my dilemma.

I suppose I will just have to surrender to the unavoidable and learn how to set the alarm upon my cell phone.

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