28th November 2020

Life is for the living, never to be squandered, set aside, simply survived, or endured.  However untenable things might seem the alternative is quite obviously less attractive. The first thing we learn to cherish, the last thing we are obliged to release, is existence.

Those of a religious bent will of course suggest that this state of being is but a momentary halt along an otherwise important and fruitful journey. That there is substantially more beyond the grave or funeral pyre than can be humanly conceived. Such might of course well be the case, but the quandary remains whether to simply abide the present dutifully whatever that circumstance might present, or make some endeavor, however unfitting or risk inducing, to in some small way improve experience.

Stagnation is not a natural condition, lethargy is but an admittance of pointlessness, anathema, an insult to the very purpose of whatever creative force purposed ourselves and the universe surrounding.

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