27th November 2020

 The post-Thanksgiving tradition of ‘Black Friday’ is upon us once more, although I would imagine in this first year of COVID the sales will pan out somewhat differently than previous manifestations. The queues outside of department and big box stores that in the past might have snaked some considerable yardage, will in the social distanced reality of 2020 necessitate the use of GPS satellites to keep good order. The very thought of a sudden surge of humanity rushing helter-skelter through a pair of compact freshly sprung glass doors fills my imagination with horror, so accustomed have I become to two being a good company and three being a wholly unimaginable crowd.

No doubt this year will see the further blossoming of online shopping, and of course the necessary expansion of the seeming only current growth industry, home delivery and postal services. Whether twenty twenty-one or any future time sees a true recovery of personal physical shopping is a question momentarily very much for the oracle, the gods, or the birds.

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