24th November 2020

On occasion life has a way of springing surprises, events, coincidence, reunions, beyond any possible expectation. If I have learned anything in these many years it is that never is a very, very long time, and chance has a way of making the most unlikely of happenstances suddenly probable.

I have lived on four continents, in umpteen countries, some still existent, others lost in the pages of history. Each new vista, residence, assimilation, gifted me abundance friends, acquaintances, colleagues quite beyond calculation. My one indefatigable rule is never to cut and run, wander most certainly, disappear often, hide occasionally, but never to forget or regret whatever joy, sadness, but particularly instruction and knowledge each interaction presented.

Not a ship adrift in turbulent uncharted seas, nor a boat docked in strange and alien harbors, rather an unfettered yacht, sails filled with the wind of freedom, bound for everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.

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