22nd November 2020

The human condition, like any coin or good game, has but two sides, heads, or tails, top or bottom, success, or failure, win or loss. This undeniable fact of life does not necessarily determine worth or value, simply a momentary position of ascendancy or sublimation upon the perpetual inclination of time. That more significance is placed upon the face than the reverse is simple a human foible, an irrational tick in reasoned thought. Only a fool or a psychopath would expect to always win, be unfailingly lucky, never be sick, have all the answers, to be infallible, to be a god.

Acceptance of the possibility of failure, the ability to lose with dignity, to retire from the field without shame or rancor, is perhaps the true measure of humanity. Understanding the fundamental lottery that is existence, dependent as it is upon a myriad of diverse elements totally beyond any single individuals understanding or control, differentiates the truly educated and well balanced from the irrational fool.

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