17th November 2020

We all have experienced the joys of a mild insect bite become far more serious by our natural reaction of scratching the seemingly innocuous itch till the wound is inclined to infect and become far more serious. Inattention to mild injury and untoward aggression is ever thus, producing major discomfort from otherwise minor irritation.

As with niggling bugs that fly and crawl so follow words and rumor, often causing completely miss-proportional hurt from miniscule jabs. As a species we are absurdly ineffective in dealing with adversity, whether physical or phycological, having in actuality comparatively weak physiology for our physical presence, and remarkably easily manipulable emotion and mood.

As theoretical apex predator, admittedly due more to mental ingenuity than any inherent trait, it would probably behoove us to be resilient in stressful circumstance and less easily niggled and therefore throw off at a tangent.

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