15th November 2020

I have been searching in an abstracted manner for some appropriate and meaningful phrase to describe the overpowering feeling of uncertainty that so besets me, and the multifarious and exhaustive ways that state of indecisiveness sows discord and despondency in every facet of my admittedly unremarkable perpetuation.  

Betwixt and between springs to mind, fixed upon an unfamiliar path, headed to an undefined point, most decidedly beyond easy focus or understanding, yet by necessity fleeing from a rapidly opening chasm of unquestionably dark and sinister assurance.

The light beyond dense and oft seeming impenetrable shadow is inclined to be blinding, causing us to pause momentarily as if physically smitten by the disconcertingly intense clarity of a reality outside of imagining and supposition. We are beasts of habit whether good or bad, inclined to ever follow rather than lead, disposed to uncertainly when faced with endless choice and possibility.

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