14th November 2020

I left blighty for the last time in the year of the second millennium, hotfoot to try my hand in a new world that had always seemed to represent every promise and freedom humanity could be offered, or possibly achieve.

Britain had become a little to responsible and staid for my liking, a country that had come to terms with past excesses, a rapidly diminishing position of power and influence and most importantly a degree of fraternity and common acceptance wholly absent in previous centuries. Having at long last accepted the geographically obvious and long overdue role as a part of a larger Europe community travel to the nearby continent had become as easy as simply boarding a boat, train or autobus, we had become supremely integrated, fundamentally content, even proactive in a manner most against the nations natural psyche, and quite naturally as more a child of an unparalleled topsy turvy nature I was bored, discontent and abundantly in need of adventure in climes unknown.

My arrival at Seattle aerodrome was a thing of splendor to behold. My worldly possessions contained in but two suitcases, accompanied on my transatlantic journey with my last remaining companion, a spiteful black and white male moggy, named aptly after the recently disbanded Soviet state news agency, TASS. We arrived in late December, amidst a snow storm I recall, and after what seemed so to me over involved and unnecessary delays made our way by a propeller driven plane to southern Washington, and from there to the Umatilla reservations of Northern Oregon. The following eight months proved all I had hoped, the people diverse and entertaining, the country magnificent and invigorating. My boredom was relieved, my discontent appeased wondrously.

September the eleventh two thousand one changed everything, as might be expected following the shock and revulsion that day laid upon the nation. Perhaps my newness highlighted the changes wrought, beyond any easily realized or perhaps accepted. The world changed, America changed, and the difference made me sad, and yearn for a  normality I would never get to taste or savor.

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