13th November 2020

The constant battle between good and evil does not take place in some netherworld beyond the realm of human existence but rather in that ever-fertile allotment the mind of mankind itself, constantly spinning betwixt positive influence and extraordinarily bad persuasion.

Goodness care and charity are not abstract imaginings, rather they exist within the very soul of mankind to be honed or blunted, made to glint or become dull by each and every thought or action. Evil, cruelty, lack of consideration are not elementals easily papered over, they linger, hidden ever invasive, nagging neath a surface otherwise placid and magnanimous. Such primeval and wayward suppositions must be squeezed, drained, utterly removed from thought, memory, and consideration.

The wickedness of man can easily continue beyond his span, rotting fruit, spoiling seed, corrupting root, debasing all, till no true vestige of his inviolable line remains intact.

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