11th November 2020

I have concluded from near every experience my time on earth has been kind enough to indicate that existence, specifically a happy and content existence, is a remarkably simple circumstance to achieve. That it has taken me nigh on seven decades to come to that conclusion is but itself an indication of how complicated, confused and contradictory we are inclined to make that most straightforward of desires.

Was a time I considered good planning, forethought,  preparedness, a matter of small change, that in some magical and mysterious way I could sail untouched through any manner of diverse storm set to bemuse, befuddle, bamboozle, with adverse wind or current by no other advantage than supposed good looks or fortune.  Setbacks and recriminations quite naturally corrected that particular error of judgement, although the lessons were exceeding slow to settle upon my perception, as such life instruction is oft inclined. So I struggled, flogged about, became irascible, belligerent, unduly depressive and despondent, weary of a struggle that in reality I had no need or advantage in pursuing.

Clarity arrives quite suddenly, much as does the sunlight when piecing the darkest cloud, illuminating, refocusing, restructuring, making obvious what was oblique, clear what was opaque.

Docking of the unnecessary, uncovers and fosters necessity. Removing the superficial allows the fundamental, that of import, to stand clear.   Life, existence, is at its core simplistic, easy, uncomplicated, without undue adversity. Strip away the many layers humanity is inclined to lay heavy upon that once naked beauteous possession and the natural state of being returns, uncluttered, unadorned, unoppressed.

Whether tis possible to obtain victory in this particular race without traversing the many obstacles along the path is a moot point, to arrive at the finish as one began, unencumbered, free of the baggage every choice is inclined to pack indiscriminately. But in all honesty would such a journey, unscathed and uninterrupted, be a life truly worthy of mortal celebration.

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